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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Windex Recipes


I decided a few months ago to completely stop buying most cleaners (I do still buy Tide right now). They are just too expensive for what they are, being largely water anyway. The question is what to replace them with? I tried a couple of Windex recipes and decided that the vinegar method is the cheapest and works really well.
Here are the two recipes I liked best:

"Windex" - Vinegar Based"Windex" - Ammonia Based
2 cups of tap water
1/2 tsp. liquid dish soap
1/4 cup of white distilled vinegar
1/4 cup ammonia
1 cups rubbing alcohol
1/2 tsp. liquid dish soap
1/2 gallon fo tap water

I used my old Windex bottle and just mixed up the proper amount. I used blue liquid Joy for the dish soap, giving it that light blue look. Personally, I liked the vinegar based recipe better since it cost the least. They both do about the same job for cleaning glass. I never really loved the ammonia smell of Windex and the vinegar smell doesn't overwhelm me.

What's the Savings?

32 fl. oz. average cost = $ 2.87 at Wal-mart

Vinegar Recipe
2 oz. Heinz Vinegar 4¢ + 1/2 tsp. liquid Joy 1/2¢ = 9¢ per 32 oz.

Ammonia Recipe
2 oz. Ammonia 6¢ + Rubbing Alcohol $1 + 1/ tsp. liquid Joy 1/2¢ = $ 1.07 per 64 oz = 54¢ per 32 oz.

I think we use about 3 bottle of "Windex" a year, making our savings about $ 8.34 a year. Now, you may think "that's nothing!", but every little bit counts in the long run. I'm now using almost all home recipe cleaning products and I think it is helping to reduce our spending a lot. Plus, I never have to worry about running out since we have the basic ingredients on hand to make new bottles of cleaner at any time.

Toxicity Issues
Ammonia is a pretty toxic substance. If you use the Ammonia recipe, make sure you have proper ventilation and do not directly inhale or get in your eyes. This is another reason why I like the Vinegar recipe...much better for our health.

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  1. jaci can says:

    thanks the vinegar worked!

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