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Monday, May 16, 2011

Turkey vs. Beef

Price Comparison
Current average price of one pound of ground beef = $ 2.99
Current average price of one pound of ground turkey = $ 1.99
Hands down, if we go strictly by price, ground turkey is the winner! I'm able to find ground turkey for as low as $ 1.39 per lb. where I shop.

Nutritional Comparison
Both packages of 80% lean have basically the same nutritional content. Unless the package states it is lean or strictly "turkey breast", the nutritional content is about the same.

Taste Comparison
When we first began switching over to ground turkey, there were a few complaints about taste. Personally, I think that is because we were so used to ground beef. So, to counteract, I add a little bit of spicies to make it quite tasty. Some onions and a few shakes of Mrs. Dash usually do the trick. (Also see Garden Burgers for a way to extend your ground turkey). You can add salt and pepper or any of your favorites.

Cooking Comparison
Both ground beef and ground turkey cook up the same, fry in a pan until brown. Turkey will be a lighter shade of brown of course. I have also noticed that ground turkey has less grease even though they say they have the same fat content. They are both interchangeable for recipes like spaghetti, casseroles, and burgers. The texture is the same and really has no difference in taste when added to casseroles and spaghetti.

Overall, we have found that saving $1 per ground meat meal is worth it!

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